πŸ’” UNMAINTAINED - see readme πŸ’” LDAP Sync adapter for Android


This app is currently unmaintained - I don't use it anymore personally, and don't 
have the time to maintain it. If someone wants to step in, feel free to fork it - 
I only forked it myself some years ago, because it was unmainted by the author.

It seems that it is not compatible with the most recent versions of Android.

LDAP-Sync can sync entries from a remote LDAP server to your phone’s Contacts, making them available offline. They are then accessible to all apps with permission to read your address book. It works read-only and never changes data on the remote server.


Downloads are available from F-Droid and Play Store.


There are multiple ways to configure a connection to a new LDAP server in the app.

Manual configuration

Open the app and click the + button. Enter the details to the LDAP server as required, according to your server configuration.

Configuration QR code

Open the app and click the camera button. Scan the provided QR code.

Configuration templates

If you administrate an LDAP server and want to make the configuration easier for your users, you can provide configuration links and QR codes. The required format is described below. Code to generate are provided in PHP and JS, and as a simplified version in JS only.

You can also use the generator for config links.

URL format

The configuration link is of the following general format

ldaps://hostname:port/?parameter1=value1&parameter2=value2& ... &parameterN=valueN

Instead of ldaps:// you can also specify ldap:// for an insecure connection to the LDAP server. I highly advise against using ldap://, especially when the phone is sometimes used in public networks, because the password will be transferred in clear text.


Parameter Description
user BindDN for login
accountName will be displayed in app and android settings (free form)
cfg_baseDN Β BaseDN
Β cfg_searchFilter LDAP Search filter, only entries matching this filter will be synced
skip Β set to 1 to skip the detailed configuration screen
cfg_ configure a mapping for non-standard attribute names (list below)

All parameter values need to be URI component encoded (e.g. with encodeURIComponent in JavaScript). Please note that β€œ&” and β€œ=” must be encoded if they occur inside a value, but the delimiters between parameters must not be encoded.

QR code

To create a QR code, you need to build a configuration link and generate a QR code of that link with any QR code generator.

Ldap attribute names

The following parameters can be added to a configuration link to map non-standard attribute names:


The original source is hosted at https://github.com/weisserd/LDAP-Sync. An updated fork is hosted at https://github.com/luelista/LDAP-Sync


This project is licensed under the Apache License v2.0.