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Install on macOS

App Bundle

Download PRE Workbench as an application bundle from here. Extract the zip file, right click the PRE and choose "Open". The application is not code-signed, therefore you need to allow the execution of untrusted applications in the following dialog.

Install via pip (Intel)

You need a recent version of pip, the Python package manager. The version supplied with macOS might not be sufficient. Therefore run sudo pip3 install -U pip first.

Then, install the application with sudo pip3 install pre_workbench.

Run with prewb or python3 -m pre_workbench.

Prebuilt binary wheels exist for macOS 11 on Intel chips.

Install via pip (M1)

The Qt framework (version 5), which is used by pre_workbench, is not compatible with M1 Macs. However, you can run the application on the Rosetta compatibility layer.

You can do so by creating a copy of (call it something like Terminal (Rosetta).app), click Get Info in its context menu, and check the Open using Rosetta checkbox under General. Afterwards, follow the instructions for Intel Macs.

Install on ubuntu

Install dependencies via apt, then install the package via pip.

sudo apt install python3-pip qt5-default
sudo pip3 install pre_workbench

Install on Windows

On Windows 10 x64, the application can either be installed via pip, or you can download a setup.exe from the Github releases page. Other Windows versions are currently untested. Installing via pip has the advantage that the command line utitilies can be used. The setup installs a PyInstaller build which only supports the main GUI appication.